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Core Values

Health Comes First at Harborside 

We specialize in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), as well as Psychodynamic Principles.


We offer a combination of therapy and medication tailored to fit your needs.  

For years, patients have depended on me to provide therapy in combination with medication management to best treat a multitude of conditions.


I offer this and other specialized options to clients in need of a psychiatrist they can trust. I’m dedicated to building long-lasting relationships based on trust and medical integrity with every single patient.

At Harborside Psychiatry you and your family are treated with the utmost personalized care. I am committed to understanding the whole picture to help you and your family live life to its fullest.


My approach is individualized and holistic. Harborside Psychiatry is for those who are not getting the results they want from their current treatment or who want to be seen as the unique individuals they are, rather than as symptoms and conditions. At Harborside Psychiatry you will be an active participant in taking control of your life.

I practice with integrity and confidentiality. Your safety and privacy are paramount. I provide sound, honest advice, based on years of professional experience and current research. You can rest assured, I would not prescribe you or your family a medication I would not prescribe to one of my friends or family members in the same situation.

Why I Practice

I would like to share some of the experiences that led me to form my practice, and why I choose to do things the way that I do. One of my earliest inspirations was Dr. Hampton, my childhood physician. Dr. Hampton was a great doctor. Whenever my parents needed for me to be seen for anything from a cold to a sprained ankle, they could pick up the phone, schedule an appointment, and I would be seen within a day or two. I never felt like he was in a hurry or rushing to get through our appointment, and I always knew I would actually see Dr. Hampton himself. I took this healthcare, where I would actually see who I was scheduled to see, for granted.


As I grew older, the medical system and my appointments changed. I remember when Dr. Hampton was no longer my doctor, when I made an appointment with a specific physician, I would end up seeing them 2-3 weeks, or even a month later. If I wanted to see someone faster, it would be a nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant. Not that I have anything against these types of practitioners, but it was never a person you had a relationship with, because you would never really know if you would ever see that person again. I often remember being very frustrated. I used to walk into Dr. Hampton’s office, and wait no more than 5-10 minutes to see him.


Frequently when you walk in a physician’s office today, they just expect that their time is worth more than yours. They tell you to get there very far in advance of your appointment time, leaving you waiting forever before actually being seen. I can remember feeling a bit outraged and asking, “What about me? What about the patient?”


With me establishing my own practice, I can avoid playing the game the insurance companies traditionally orchestrate, which allows me to dictate your care instead of them. I have formed my practice with these experiences in mind, in order to offer a higher level of care that’s so rarely found today. Similar to what I experienced as a child, I want parents to be able to call and talk to the doctor and get an appointment in a reasonable amount of time. I believe that the 6-month wait-list and the 'meet for 10 mins every month and half' situation is wrong, and patients or people in general should not be treated that way.

Click the links below to find professionally vetted resources regarding the most common conditions, our general philosophy of different conditions, and helpful info.

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