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Executive Level Care


When you call you to talk directly to me, not a secretary, nurse, social worker, or answering service.

I will personally return your call or text message within a few hours on business days.

If you or your child is in crisis, I will be able to answer calls after hours in most cases.

My intake appointments are 75 minutes and follow up appointments are 45 minutes or 20 minutes as opposed to the more typical 5-8 minute visit with a Psychiatrist.

I believe you are an individual and require

individualized care and treatment. 

It takes time to properly develop individualized care plans.


I do not submit notes or bills to

insurance companies.


My medication prescriptions are electronic, so you do not need to wait in a pharmacy line to drop off your prescription. After you leave your appointment, your prescription will be waiting at the pharmacy. 

I intentionally schedule empty time between patients, so your appointment will get started on time and end on time.

If I am unable to see you at your appointment time and do not notify you 48 hours in advance, your next appointment will be free of charge.

I schedule buffer time between patients so you can come directly to my office at your appointment time without having to use the waiting room.

I am able to see you via teleconferencing (such as Skype) if you live far away from my office.

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